Who Are We

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is World Surveys a Market Research Company?

No, we are an independent company. We review market research companies and notify potential participants when those companies become available in their region, and the eligibility criteria to qualify for their surveys.

Do I need World Surveys to join a market research company?

No, most market research companies can be found online. We only connect you with market research communities currently searching for participants in your country and/or region. We will ask you 3 to 5 basic questions (e.g., age range, shopping preference, gender, type of device) based on the type of participants those market research companies are looking for. We won't ask you to provide personal information.

Why do I need to check if I qualify?

Some market research companies may allow you to register but it does not implies you already qualify to take their surveys. Checking if you meet the minimum requirements before registering will increase your chances of receiving survey invitations from top market research companies. 

Do I need to provide my personal information on this website?

No, we don’t collect any personal information on this website. The purpose of these basic questions is to connect you with the right market research company and increase your chances to qualify for their surveys. We might ask you to subscribe to our mailing list only if you wish to receive email invitations from us to join new market research companies. This is optional and you can unsubscribe at any time. Please read our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy for the type of information we collect on this website.

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